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At Coalway Early Years we are committed to continuous improvement.  Our self-evaluation form is based on comparing our practice to the Outstanding grade descriptors set by Ofsted, and we use this to inform our Action Plan.  We will also use suggestions and ideas from staff, children, parents and other sources.  The plan is discussed and reviewed regularly with the team to ensure that we stay on target to meet our goals.  Our current Action Plan has the following agenda:

  • Audit our practice for each area of the curriculum to ensure we are providing high quality provision.

  • Review and reflect upon our new revised curriculum and planning systems which have been implemented to reflect the new EYFS reforms.

  • Assess and implement ways in which we can improve upon how we discuss the risks of digital technology in an age appropriate manner and communicate this with parents/carers, providing them with information of where they can gain further support if necessary.  

Recent Development of our 'Mud Garden'

We identified that our mud garden was in need of some attention and began to plan improvements, to include levelling and re-turfing the area, replacing the existing digging pit and sand pits, and refurbishing or replacing our mud kitchen.  We were lucky enough to secure a grant from 'Tesco Bags of Help' towards this project.  Luckily, one of our Joint Managers' husband was able to gain some community support to help out with this project - with all of the resources and labour being provided for free!  The area has been levelled and re-turfed, the giant sand-pit and digging area has been refurbished, and some beautiful new mud kitchen units have been hand-built.  A lick of brightly coloured paints has helped to complete the look.  We even had two ton bags of play sand donated to us!  We have also added bench seats with storage (for wellies) in the area, and some bespoke fencing and gates to enable us to close off the mud garden and gardening zones for small group activities.  We will be using the left over funds to purchase some new gardening equipment such as spades, barrows and planters, as well as some plants for the area.

Action Plan

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