Action Plan

At Coalway Early Years we are committed to continuous improvement.  Our self-evaluation form is based on comparing our practice to the Outstanding grade descriptors set by Ofsted, and we use this to inform our Action Plan.  We will also use suggestions and ideas from staff, children, parents and other sources.  The plan is discussed and reviewed regularly with the team to ensure that we stay on target to meet our goals.  Our current Action Plan has the following agenda:

  • Continue to evolve quality of literacy teaching across the setting, specifically to improve children's access, use and appreciation of books

  • Further develop our Nature Area

  • Further evolve our planning cycle in line with the new Ofsted Inspection Framework

  • Develop, evolve and improve our commitment to environmentally friendly practise.

To view our Self-Evaluation form, please click on the link below.  If you would like to find out more about our Action Plan, or if you have a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us!

'Coalway Early Years' Self-Evaluation Form

New Nature Area

We are currently developing a nature area on land kindly donated to us by 'Coalway Junior School'. We plan to evolve this site into a natural learning environment by adding trees, natural features and allowing it to 'return to nature' over time.  This environment helps children to learn about and interact with the natural environment and learn about wildlife, nature and the outdoors.  Over time we will add additional features such as a mini-beast environment, wild flower area and gardening areas. The children will visit the site over the year, helping them to understand about nature and the changes that take place across the seasons.  The log circle provides an area for the children to come together for circle times, outdoor snacks and stories.

January 2019 - the fencing and log circle are installed.  The children visit the site to explore and talk about ideas for developing it, and for some circle times and stories.
February 2019 - we were kindly donated a pear tree from Coleford Garden Centre and planted this with the children.
March 2019 - we have applied for a small grant and have been fundraising so that we can purchase some items such as minibeast hunting resources, bird boxes and bird feeders, and equipment to create a small wildlife pond.  We installed some large logs to encouraged minibeasts to visit, planted some wild flowers and young trees, and installed a hedgehog house kindly donated by the Junior School.
April 2019 - we have planted some more small trees and wild flowers.  We also added some large logs to create hiding places for minibeasts.  The grass is growing and we have lots of other wild flowers flourishing!  The pear tree has lots of new leaves and some buds.
May 2019 - exciting news!! We have been donated an amazing 'bug hotel' by Matt and Kate Fortet.  The children helped to transport it to the site, and to fill it with sticks, hay, logs and cones to create lots of lovely hiding places for the minibeasts.  We also had a look under our big logs to see if any bugs were hiding there!  Our nature area is beginning to evolve - the trees, wild flowers and grass are growing, creating lots of opportunities for the children to engage with nature.  The children visit the site regularly for lots of exciting activities - bug hunting, snack and story times, and just to explore and experience the changes.
June 2019 - we have received a grant from the Forest of Dean Rotary Club to help us develop our nature area! We have used this, along with some other funding, to purchase items for our area including outdoor learning boards, bug pots and magnifiers, binoculars and clip boards.  The children have experienced the changes in the area and staff have been planning exciting experiences, such as 'mini-beast safaris', 'camping', and bird-watching.
June 2019 - the children have enjoyed exploring the changes in the Nature Area as it grows and matures - longer grass, new plants, trees developing leaves, flowers appearing, and many new bugs and birds to watch!


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