About Us

Coalway Early Years has been part of Coalway and Broadwell community for many years and attracts families from Coalway, Broadwell, Coleford and surrounding villages. We offer education and care for children aged 2,3 and 4. We are open term time,  38 weeks of the year following the term times and inset days in line with Coalway Infant and Junior Schools. 

Our spacious building has two base rooms, Penguins and Squirrels, which are both well equipped with plenty of room for varied and stimulating learning experiences. Our Penguins room is for pre-school children and our Squirrels room is for 2 year olds and younger 3 year olds.  During 'free-play' all the children join together across the indoor and outdoor areas for shared experiences.  This allows us to be able to meet the varied needs of the different age groups during focussed time in the base rooms, whilst ensuring that the children benefit from coming together regularly as a whole community.  The setting  has a large outdoor play area providing fun and challenging teaching and learning opportunities to include a "mud kitchen", outdoor creative arts area, "loose parts" to promote problem solving and construction on a grand scale, and physical play equipment. We are continuously improving our indoor and outdoor learning environments - we have recently developed a Nature Area in the school grounds, and a gardening area within our outdoor play area.


Being set in the grounds of Coalway Infant and Junior Schools our children benefit from additional opportunities to use the schools facilities for example the school fields and play equipment, a large playground area and Junior's  school hall for P.E activities. Children have access to outdoor play and learning experiences every day whatever the weather!

We also offer a 'drop-in' session for parents with babies and toddlers on a Thursday afternoon from 1.30-3pm.  The on-site 'Kid's Club' also offer 'wrap around care' for children from the term after their third birthday, meaning that we can fully accommodate the needs of parents/carers eligible for 30 hours nursery funding. 

All of our staff are qualified and experienced practitioners with relevant and current child protection and paediatric first aid training.

Coalway Early Years is a committee run, non-profit making charity. The committee are a group of volunteer parents who hold regular, informal meetings to discuss the running of the group and fund raising events. New parents are encouraged to attend and become involved. We do not operate a parent duty but family members are welcome and encouraged to actively participate in the daily life of the playgroupThe Playgroup is also registered with Ofsted under the Children’s Act 1989 and inspected  every four to five years, at our latest inspection on 9th May 2018, we received a grade of 'Outstanding' in all areas - please follow the link on our home page to read the full report.

The Playgroup receives the ‘Free For 3 and 4’ funding for all our 3 and 4 year olds, 30 hours funding for eligible working parents, and Achieving Two Year Old funding for eligible two year olds.

Our Ethos
At Coalway Early Years we aim to:

  • Provide high quality care and education for all children in our community aged 2 years to school age regardless of background, culture or religion including children with special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Work in partnership with our familes to help children to learn and develop to their full potential through exciting and stimulating activities and experiences.

  • Promote the  health and well being of all the children who attend our nursery through our policies and activities.

Typical Day

09:00 Welcome and registration

09:15 Indoor play session with many adult supported activities

10:00 Snack time

10:30 The children choose from a wide range of activities free flowing between the indoor space and the outdoor environment with many teaching and learning opportunities. During this time some children may work in small groups on focussed activities with an adult

11:30 Tidy up time followed by whole group activity

12:00 Lunch - say goodbye to some of our friends and welcome new ones

13:00 'Story-Making' - children come together in small or large groups for our fun and educational sessions based on our current 'Story-Making' text

13:15 Free-flow play as above.  We often also engage in enriched activities such as a visit to the Nature Area or school playground

14:30 'Big' tidy-up time!

14:40 Children return to their baserooms for a drink and whole group activity such as song-time, a story or game

15:00 Home time - Parents/carers are invited to come into the room to have an informal chat nd to hear about their child's day

As a Charity funds are always tight, we therefore welcome voluntary contributions of fruit, small change or items to support activities from parents and family.  Please ask in the office if you would like to support us in this way.


Water & milk available in jugs

Variety of fruit &/or salad vegetables, and occasional savoury snacks offered daily

We also periodically make snacks with the children such as biscuits, bread rolls

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