"Thank-you to all the lovely staff at the setting who have made [my daughter's] experience a special one - it's lovely to know as a parent that she has been happy and safe when here."

"We have been pleased with his progress and the great care received.  He is  a curious and interested child."

"[He] has built so much confidence whilst at [pre-school].  He has developmentally flown through and I am so proud of him.  I'm so grateful to Coalway for supporting [my son] in his preschool year and I am very excited to see him progress in 'big school'."

"[My daughter] really enjoys going to Early Years, she talks about all her friends at home, and all the things she has done in the day".

"[My child] loves playgroup.  He can't wait to come and play with his friends.  He has really enjoyed his time here.  [His] speech has really improved with the help from Jo doing little 1:1 tasks with him."

"[He] loves nursery and learning new things.  [He has gained] confidence, independence and the foundations for school."

"He has achieved so much more confidence and his speech has improved."

"I think it is story-times he enjoys very much, and playing outside ...with the water.  He is very fond of the staff.  I am very grateful for all the help you have given to [my son], he has achieved so much."

"[His] language skills have improved greatly and he has got better at sharing at home with his sister."

"I feel he has really enjoyed his experience, the one to one and extra things nursery has done.....I'm so proud of his progress and thankful to 'Coalway Early Years'."

"She absolutely loves coming to playgroup, even on the days she is not due in she gets upset because she wants to come …..she loves being here and will miss everyone."

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