Coalway Early Years is a registered charity and the running of our successful setting would not be possible without the voluntary help and support of our management committee made up of parents/carers and other volunteers from the community who, together with the manager, make the major decisions about how the setting is run.  Committee members also act as trustees for the setting.


At Coalway Early Years we employ staff who oversee the operational management, finance and administration for the nursery, however it is the responsibility of the committee to ensure that the setting complies with all of our constitutional, legal and financial obligations and that all decisions which affect our setting are made effectively and represent all parties fairly, to support fundraising, and to encourage parental involvement.


Committee meetings are held approximately every 8 weeks at the playgroup, an agenda is submitted by the secretary prior to the meeting and any matters arising are discussed and decisions taken by voting.  Exact days and times for meetings are decided to suit the majority.

An AGM is held annually,  around November, all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. At the AGM the annual accounts are presented and the manager, chair and treasurer are required to give an annual report.  All existing committee members are required to stand down and by vote (all parents have a vote at the AGM)  a new committee is elected.  Existing members have the option to reapply for a role for the coming year.  

2018/19 committee members;

Chairperson - Kate Fortet

Secretary - Jamie Rooney

Treasurer - Leanne Powell

Nicola Meek

Terri Vaughan

All Members of the Management Committee are registered with Ofsted and have been checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service.   


If you are interested in joining our committee please contact us or pop into the office

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