Latest Activities

Frosty Day!

On a cold, frosty day at playgroup we went outdoors first thing to explore the frost!  The children looked with awe and wonder at how their playground had been transformed by the beautiful frost and examined the changes they could see, such as water and mud turned to ice in the muddy kitchen, a frosty coating on the toys and resources, and slippery surfaces.  The children discovered that they could make marks in the frost, and that it quickly changed back to water in their hands.  We tried an experiment we had seen on social media - blowing bubbles onto the frosty grass to turn the bubbles to ice.  Unfortunately, it did not work but the adults discussed why this might be with the children and we concluded that it just was not cold enough!  The children, nevertheless, enjoyed the experience of blowing bubbles in the cold air and observed that they could see their breath!

Small World Sensory Play

Our children love to play with our chunky construction vehicles and small world characters.  We enhanced their experience by adding dry porridge oats to represent building sand, and wooden blocks.  The tuff tray and table arrangement encourages play at different levels and on varied surfaces, while encouraging group collaborative play.  The children develop language and personal/social skills, physical skills as they manipulate the moving parts of the vehicles, imagination and creative thinking, maths skills (counting, comparing and talking about shape), and their understanding of the world around them.