Latest Activities

Outdoor Play

Our outdoor learning environment provides the opportunity for the children to develop a range of skills including physical development, social skills and language, problem solving and exploring the natural world around them.  In the lovely Autumn weather the children have been den-making, constructing with 'loose parts' (exciting larger, open ended resources such as blocks, pipes, guttering and wheels), playing with sand and water, exploring imaginative and sensory skills in the mud kitchen, and engaging in art on a large scale.

Small World Sensory Play

Our children love to play with our chunky construction vehicles and small world characters.  We enhanced their experience by adding dry porridge oats to represent building sand, and wooden blocks.  The tuff tray and table arrangement encourages play at different levels and on varied surfaces, while encouraging group collaborative play.  The children develop language and personal/social skills, physical skills as they manipulate the moving parts of the vehicles, imagination and creative thinking, maths skills (counting, comparing and talking about shape), and their understanding of the world around them.


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