Latest Activities

Creative Learning

We provide a range of exciting and stimulating activities to encourage the children to explore their creative skills and imagination through art and craft.  The children are encouraged to have their own ideas.  Adults support the children by encouraging them to communicate their ideas, by modelling new vocabulary, and by helping the children to develop new skills such as using one handed tools.

Critical Thinking with Loose Parts

'Loose Parts' are everyday bits and pieces with no specific use that can be used for construction and to enhance imaginative play and role play.  Examples of loose parts include wooden or plastic blocks, planks, crates, tyres, off-cut logs, pipes and guttering.  Having open-ended resources like this is far preferable to purpose made plastic construction toys, as children can use their creative, critical thinking and problem solving skills to make creations of their choice, and they can have a multitude of uses, limited only by the child's imagination!

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