Ideas for Home

Make a milk bottle bird feeder

We have been learning about changes that take place in the natural world at this time of year.  This has included learning about the needs of our wildlife, such as providing spaces for hedgehogs to hibernate and helping birds to find food.  We made bird feeders from recyled milk cartons to hang in our Nature Areas.  Just cut a fairly large hole in the side of the milk carton and make holes either side so that you can push a stick through for the birds to stand on.  Fill with wild bird food and hang up in a tree or on a fence using string.

Fruit Crumble

As part of our teaching about Autumn, we have been helping the children to learn about how fruit ripens at this time of year, and where fruit comes from.  We found apples growing on the tree in our garden, and blackberries growing on the bramble bushes.  We have made some crumble with the children, which links their learning to language and literacy (learning new words and using recipes), mathematical concepts (weighing, measuring and counting), personal and social development (practicing good hygiene and sharing resources), physical development (using tools), and understanding the world (learning about seasonal changes and where food comes from).


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